MEETING [10] (October 11th, 2013)

   After an extensive search Ueda found a cello that might be ideal as the model for the project’s final five string cello’s measurements. It is a beautiful four string cello, the so-called ‘Ngeringa’ cello, built in 1743 by Giovanni Battista Guadagnini31 in Parma. Generally all of the Guadagnini cellos are rather small, and this one has the perfect measurements for the project’s purposes.

                                 Picture 25: The Guadagnini Ngeringa cello.



  Final design:   Amati/Guadagnini/Ueda Prototype I Prototype II  Amati
LENGTH OF     BODY: 715mm 750mm 710mm 705mm
LENGTH OF     STRINGS32: 665mm 690mm 670mm 640mm
WIDTH OF      UPPER BODY: 330mm 340mm 325mm
WIDTH OF      MIDDLE BODY: 240mm 250mm 225mm 235mm
WIDTH OF       LOWER BODY: 425mm 440mm 415mm 425mm

   (Those are the outer measurements of the instrument. The inner measurements’ proportions (thickness of belly and bottom; heights of bouts) will imitate the Amati design but be generally a little bigger.)

                                             Picture 25A: Final instrument; measurements of back. (Sketch: Ueda.)     


Final back measurements 2 f h

                                                                          Picture 25B: Final instrument; measurements of top. (Sketch: Ueda.) Click on picture to enlarge.

Final five string top f h

                                                         Picture 25C: Ueda’s notes. Click on picture to enlarge.

Ueda's notes fh


31 The Guadagnini family is one of the most prestigious Italian string instrument makers from the 18th century until today.

32 Measured from bridge to nut.