MEETING [6] (May 27th, 2013)

On May 27th the instrument (the future Prototype II) was returned to Ekoda Strings and Ueda started to convert it into a five string cello.

TEST RESULTS [6].  (Featuring  Prototype I with a different E-string.)

 On May 29th the Prototype I Larsen E-string was replaced by an E-string made by Helicore, a company which produces cello E-strings at a slightly lower price than others.

   There is no noticeable difference to the Larsen string – neither in material nor in sound. The nasal property is still present.

    This is as far as experimenting with Prototype I will go.

  The next stage will consist in testing and recording the five-string turned Eastman Prototype II, which is currently worked-on by Ueda.