Construction IV / Assembly of the body

(Note: Until indicated otherwise the following construction-process will not differ from the construction-process of a four string cello. Please skip this part if you already know about the basic construction of a cello. Because we did not, and assumed that most cellists don’t either, we included those steps in this report.)

After the back was carved to its final shape it was glued-on permanently to the bouts. The top is almost ready to be glued-on to complete the basic body.

(Click on pictures to enlarge.)

                                                         Picture 81: Carved back clamped-on for drying.

Back clamped on  f h

                                                         Picture 82: Glued-on back..

Back glued on f h

                                                                           Picture 83: Fitting the bass bar onto the finished top.

Bass bar fitting f h


                                              Pictures 84 and 85: Removing the form.

Removing form I f h


Removing form II f h

                                                          Picture 86: Form is removed.

Form removed f h

                                                          Picture 87: Fixing upper lining.

Lining glued-on f h

                                                         Picture 88: Top and body.

DSC_0198 2

                                                          Picture 89: Assembled body.

Back glued on f h


Insertion of the purfling

For a definition of ‘purfling’ see Glossary

First a purfling cutter was used to sketch the precise outline of the purfling.



                                                         Picture 90: A purfling groove cutter.



   Following the sketched line the wood is then being carved-out and the purfling strip is bend to match the outline.

                                                                        Picture 91: Bending of a purfling stripe.

Bending of purfling f h

                                                         Picture 92: C-bout purfling put into place.

Purfling put in f h


                                                                           Picture 93: Completed purfling.

Purfling finished


   With the purfling being finished the next steps are the construction of neck, tailpiece and bridge.